Midnight Blue - Whirlwind

Midnight Blue


(Whirlwind, Chiswick, 1980)

When I make it through the day
You could say that I'm okay
But it's night time when I don't know what to do
Well, it makes me kinda wild
She's someone elses angel child
Here I am, on my own, midnight blue

Midnight blue, just the stars 'll see me crying
Midnight blue, and the moon knows my pain
Midnight blue, there ain't no use denying
I'm lost unless she comes back again

Walking with her through the crowd
She makes me feel so proud
Of the finest looking girl I ever knew
But her heart was made of stone
She left me here all alone
Here I am on my own, midnight blue

[Chorus, 2x]

But when I tried to put it right
To cure these sad and lonely nights
But there's something missing with somebody new
So I can't play the game
Other girls just ain't the same
Look at me, here I am, midnight blue
Look at me, here I am, midnight blue
Look at me, here I am, midnight blue

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