Milk Shake Mademoiselle - Jerry Lee Lewis

Milk Shake Mademoiselle

Jerry Lee Lewis

(Jack Hammer, SUN, Recorded 1957)

Down to the drugstore, to be with the crowd
A candy sodapop for cryin' out loud
All day long, sittin' on a stool
Drinking milkshakes again, she giggles like a fool

She's a milkshake mademoiselle
Cool as she can be
She's a milkshake mademoiselle
Whooooo, what she do to me

Oh well, she's gonna go steady, just to having ball
Same old line for Peter and Paul
Come on baby, gimme a date
You can't get your kicks from an ole a-milkshake


Well, gonna jump on the telephone, call up a friend
Don't stop talking till a half past ten
Back to the kitchen to the ole light box
Cool lemonade and a-warm ham hocks


Well, she turned on the TV, go girl go
Had a love scene on a late late show
Dream of tomorrow at recess time
She'll brake another heart with the same old line


Look a-here what se do to me
Honey baby, what ya doin' to me
Won't you stop what ya doin' to me

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