Mound Of Clay - Black Raven

Mound Of Clay

Black Raven

(Julian Wiethoff, HOUSE OF WAX, 2001)

As I see those streets
Those streets where we used to walk
I feel this awful pain
Burning flames deep in my heart

I look up to the sky
And I miss you so my love
Do you see me here
Do you feel me from above

My tears are fallin'
'Cause you left that night
Tears are falling all my nights
This is the last goodbye
I'm standing at your grave
With tears fell on that mound of clay

I can't forget that night
We had a quarrel, things went wrong
Guess I wasn't right
But I can't tell you now you're gone

You ran right through the door
Ran along this rainy road
That truck was much too fast
Hit you with it's heavy load

Courtesy of Julian Wiethoff

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