Muroc Boogie - Jack Baymoore & The Bandits

Muroc Boogie

Jack Baymoore & The Bandits

(Kent Vikmo, TAIL RECORDS, 1999)

If you're a hepcat daddy that likes to speed
I think I got something that you will need
'Cause if that hot rod stover of yers
Makes all the other jalopies look worse
Come to the desert 100 miles out of town
In the Mojave desert, that's where it be found

Pull the throttle, dig on out
Make yer neighbors just scream and shout
Twelve in the night you start rollin' down
Those empty streets in the middle of town
The A-V8 is soundin' fine
When you go out US 99

At Black Cat café you're shovin' in
Thinkin' of all the trophies to win
Jump on in and get it on
Pedal to the metal and you are gone
Headin' out for the Muroc race
In the middle of the desert, that's the place

When you're racin' down that old dry lake
That V8 mill sure got what it takes
Hundred ten miles an hour, oh lawdy gee
This sure will get yer pals to see
When you open the bottles 'n' turn on the lights
You do the Muroc Boogie on the Saturday night

Courtesy of Kent Vikmo

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