My First Love - The Collins Kids

My First Love

The Collins Kids

(Collins - Collins, Columbia 21560, 1956)

I sit by my window day after day
Wishing, yes wishing that he'd pass this way
Wondering, yes wondering what he will be, my first love
Will he be all that I've waited for
And when we meet will he know the score
Our two hearts beating just like one, my first love
There's lotsa guys so nice to me
And as I pass them on the street
I search their faces and hope to meet, my first love
Somewhere I know he is waiting for me
Wondering, yes wondering what I will be
Hoping and praying that I will pass by, my first love

There goes my I can feel the tug
I know he's mine and can feel the love
Our two hearts beating just like one, my first love
He is the answer to all of my dreams
And so with him I will play all the scenes
We'll be so happy since we have found, our first love

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