My Gal Mary Ann - Jack Earls

My Gal Mary Ann

Jack Earls

(Jack Earls, SUN, RECORDED 1956)

Got a gal named Mary, Mary, Mary Ann
I take that gal out every time I can
She's a reeler, she's a rocker
Get started and you can't stop her, man
That's my gal, hope I am her man

Now everytime that we started rockin'
She always starts a-flippin' and a-floppin'
And it makes me very happy
When she calls me boppin' pappy
Oh, lordy, lordy, lordy, lordy, lord

Yeah, everytime we go out a-walkin'
She always starts that sweet-sweet talkin'
Well, I'll buy her a diamond ring
And a whole lotta things
I say well oh, well oh, well oh, lordy, lord
One time!

Yeah, everytime we go out, we have a ball
She likes rock 'n' roll and that's not all
When that gal gets it goin'
She starts a-puffin' and a-blowin'
Oh, lordy, lordy, lordy, lordy, lord

Well, lordy, lordy, lordy, lordy, lordy
Well, lordy, lordy, lordy, lordy, lord

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