The Naked Die Young - Johnny Legend & His Skullcaps

The Naked Die Young

Johnny Legend & His Skullcaps

(Unknown, Rollin' Rock, LP024)

Don't wanna stay where it's safe and warm
Don't you wanna come to stay the storm
I cut the core and I knocked the cold
Gonna get there before I get old

I can feel it closing in
Nowhere to go, nothing left to win
If this is it, why bother to begin
Well, the naked die young
Oooh, the naked die young
I said, the naked die yo-uuuung
The naked die young
The naked die yoooo-ung


You ask me why a baby cries
The night it was born, the night when it dies
Don't make no difference what you do in between
Why cry nice, if you started out mean

[Chorus 2x]

I keep the guts, you can have my soul
I only want what I can control
Tough luck I missed the boat
I swept and I swilled, I never learned to float


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