No Help Wanted - The Carlisles

No Help Wanted

The Carlisles

(Bill Carlisle, MERCURY 70028, 1952)

Well, I got a gal from New Orleans
She the prettiest little thing that you ever have seen
She's got a cute little walk with a hippety-hop
Big at the little and bottom at the top

Do you need any help? (No help wanted)
You could use a little help (No help wanted)
Call on me me if you need a little help
Do you need any help? Do you need any help?
I can handle this job all by myself!

Well, I love my baby, she's a little bitty booger
Cute as a button and sweet as sugar
I'm a-gonna buy her a diamond ring
And we'll get married in the spring


Well, she calls me her little piggy-wiggy
And I call her my little thing of a jiggy
Everytime I ask for a kiss
I hear her voice, sounds something like this


Well, I'm gonna take her honky-tonkin' tonight
And we're gonna do everything up right
When the music starts, we'll swing and sway
We're gonna dance till the break of day


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