Old Rover - Boppin

Old Rover

Boppin' Pete & The Big Bang

(Pete Näsman - Johnny Flight, THE FOOL MUSIC, 2002)

The twilight is stealing across dockside
Please, light a storm lantern in your haven
There is on surfs an old, seasick rover
Searching the four-leaf clover

Sailed as far as the last strand and beyond
Have returned from the land of no return
Rags of clouds are casting shadows over
Homeward bound worn out rover

It's time to strike skull and crossbones
Can't buy me by gold and gemstones
Ready to renounce, but don't to give up

Swayed on brink of the abyss of Gehenna
Forgive, for they don't know, what they're doing
Drain cup of wine vinegar as lovesick rover
And the pain is at last over

Landlubber is back, by your side
Old rover who can't buoy
Wades now against the stream
I got the numbers, Bogy can't win

White horses are weaving moon path seawards
Please, shine a secret run to your garden
There is in utter darkness, a homesick rover
Searching the four-leaf clover
And the pain is at last over

Courtesy of Boppin' Pete

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