Olita - The Thunder Mountain Boys


The Thunder Mountain Boys

(M. Tableporter, Capehart 5002, 1960)

Oh how I love Olita, no-one could ever be sweeter
I'm jealous of the earth she walks on
Jealous of the wind in her hair
I love that girl Olita, wonder could she learn to care
Oh how I want Olita, oh how I'm yearning to meet her
She doesn't even know I'm livin'
Doesn't even hear when I call
I love that girl Olita, wonder does she care at all
I just make believe she's mine when I'm on my own
Dreamin' of her all the time, dreamin' all alone
Dreamin' all alone, dreamin' all alone
Someday I'll smile and greet her, I'll say I love you Olita
And hold her in my arms and kiss her
Speak my words of love tenderly
But till I do Olita will only be a dream to me
Oh how I love Olita, oh how I miss Olita
Oh how I need Olita, oh how I love Olita

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