One Run For The Roses - Narvel Felts

One Run For The Roses

Narvel Felts

(Jerry Chesnut, ABC LP 1115, 1979)

Talk with me a little while
Walk with me one more mile
Meantime, I'l pretend the world's all clover
Try to think of something we can say to make it better
And nothing to remind me it's all over
I feel as though I've run a race
And here I am in second place
It's no secret, everybody knows it
So pour my wine in a silver cup
One more time, then hang it up
This will be my one run for the roses

Wishing on the one hand
I can look at love like you can
And take it with a little grain of salt
Knowing on the other hand
I'd never love this much again
Maybe I could simply laugh it off
I may find somebody new
And stop my soul from wanting you
I can try, but baby I don't know this
How can I love daffodils
When scarlet peddles always will
Remind me of my one run for the roses

If we should meet again
Can I pretend I'm just someone who barely knows you
With time alone on my side
I need another light of bright
If I'm to play the part that I'm supposed to
Now I see what's left of me
I try and foul out gracefully
Hoping your new love won't even notice
One day I may learn to live
With violets and daffodils
Knowing I made one run for the roses
Maybe, when I lose
This will be my one run run for the roses

Also recorded by Conway Twitty and Cal Smith

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