200 Miles - Danny Wild & The Wild Cats

200 Miles

Danny Wild & The Wild Cats

(Danny Wild, POLLYTONE PEPCD 139)

Well, I tuned up my bike till it's really hot
I'm gonna give this old road everything I got
I don't care about the law, they can go climb trees
They're gonna have to cook it just to catch up with me

Another 200 miles and I'm gonna hold on real tight
Well, another 200 miles, everything's gonna be alright

Well, the red needle's going right across the red line
But I don't care, 'cause we're doin' fine
The rubber on my tyres gonna burn my trail
If the bike breaks down, I'm gonna end up in jail


I got a tank full of gas, that's gonna get me there
So I won't be stoppin' just to comb my hair
I'm gonna pick up my baby goin' back and then
I'm goin' right down the road and do it again

[Chorus] Repeat till end

Also recorded by Tony Maserati

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