Ooh, My Head - Ritchie Valens

Ooh, My Head

Ritchie Valens

(Valens, Originally unissued Del-Fi recording, ACE LP-63)

Well-well, now-now baby
Let's just go all night long
Well, oh-no-no-no darling
I just wanted one more
There won't be no tutti-frutti, no lollipop
Come on baby, just rock-rock-rock

Well, now-now-now honey
We're gonna rock all night
Well, babe-babe-babe-baby
We're just rollin' on fine
Well, oh-no-no-no darling
Ooh, my head!

Well, Boni Moroni, Peggy Sue, yeah
They ain't gonna be around no more
Whoa now, diddle little darling
We just gonna party some more
I la-la-love you darling
Ooh, my head!

[killer guitar solo]

Yeah, now-now-now baby
Keep me rocking along
Well, I just need you darling
All day and all night long
We-e-e-ll, now
Ooh, my head!

All right, wail!
Rock it now
Come on boy
My head is tired...

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