Paul Bunyan Love - Rose Maddox

Paul Bunyan Love

Rose Maddox

(Kangas, Columbia 21559, 1956)

Paul Bunyan love, higher that the red woods
Paul Bunyan love, deeper than the sea
Paul Bunyan love, bigger than the mountains
Paul Bunyan love, tailor made for you and me

Some want fame and fortune, some want a winning smile
All I want is to love you in the old Paul Bunyan style
I'd climb the highest mountain, on my hands I'd walk a mile
Just to hear you say you love me in the old Paul Bunyan style


He planted the trees in the forest, to the lumberjack he's king
Even wrote a love song for all the world to sing
Listen when the wind is blowing, you'll hear him whistle a tune
You'll capture fish with a Bunyan bait and then you'll start to croon


Bunyan formed the Great Lakes, made Grand Canyon too
Started up Old Faithful just for me and you
He colored the Painted Desert
Put the bark in the dark wood tree
Even played Dan Cupid just for you and me


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