Pie 'n' Mash (Give Me Some Of It)


(Panioty - Desmet - Pointer, Rockhouse LP8202)

I'm not joking, not sayin' a lie
I want a piece of your custard and pie

You gotta gimme some of it (gimme some of it)
Yeah, gimme some of it (well, gimme some of it)
You gotta gimme some of it, before you give it all away

Well, I ain't bragging, it's understood
Everything I you do man, I do it good


Oh well, I don't care, if you cross that street
If you cut that pie you gotta save me a piece


Well, your custard pie is good and nice
When you cut it, you gotta save me a slice


Here's a beautiful man, who's ate three
No good woman's good enough to me


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