Punk Bashing Boogie - Don E. Sibley & The Dixie Phoenix

Punk Bashing Boogie

Don E. Sibley & The Dixie Phoenix

(Don E. Sibley, EAGLE/HOT ROCK WEX 265, 1979)

I go down town on a Saturday night
Looking for some punks to have a fight
I hate them punks, they're really vile
I kick 'em in bollocks, that's my style

Punk bashing boogie on a Saturday night
Punk bashing boogie, it sure is right
I kick 'em in bollocks, kick 'em in the head
I kick them punks until they're dead

I find a place where they go
I walk right in, cool and slow
They all turn 'round to look at me
By that time I've kicked in three


Them punks are sure as soft as muck
I bet nine out of ten never been struck
With their make up on and way out gear
I think maybe, they're all queers


We're waiting for 'em outside a bar
They're coming out to fight, aha
I stick my creepers in their heads
Pretty soon, they're all be dead


Well, all you Teds listen here to me
If there's a punk wherever you may be
Don't take no crap from the law
Try and top the Brighton score


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