Push Push - Billy Fury

Push Push

Billy Fury

(Russel - Medley, DECCA F 11311, 1961)

Push-push, push-push-push
Push-push, push-push-push
Push-push, you gotta give love a shove
Push-push, you what I am a-talking of
Push-push, come on baby don't be a fool
You gotta push, don't pull!

Hey pretty baby don't be so shy
Come on and show me that I'm your guy
Hold my hand, we're gonna take a walk
Don't be bashful, talk that talk


See that little robin sitting on that branch
Push that other robin into sweet romance
Look at that humming bird kiss that bee
Don't be bashful, come and kiss a-me


Oh, look at that moon hugging that old sky
Look at that star, a-winking it's eye
Come on baby, can't you see
That old stars are telling you and me to...


Push-push, push-push-push (oh, push baby)
Push-push, push-push-push (come on baby and push)
Push-push, push-push-push (don't pull)
Push-push, push-push-push
Push-push, push-push-push

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