Rabbit Action - Jimmy Haggett

Rabbit Action

Jimmy Haggett

(Jimmy Haggett, SUN UNISSUED, 1956)

Well, it's a rabbit action, it's a-takin' the day
I know a little cat and it's wants to play
By the light of the moon we'll bop around
Go out and hop with all the rabbits in town
Well, it's first to Joe's and then to Moe's
Look at me honey, I'll wear my cat clothes
Like a itty bitty bunny, I will hop all night
Along about four, we're feeling just right
Well, let's hop, bop-bop, hop, bop, hop
Come on cats, let's get that rabbit action!

It's a whole lotta hoppin' till the sun shines bright
Means we're gonna bop the whole long night
I'm likin' your rockin', your rhythm too
Look out honey, gonna cabbage on you
Rock it now, bop cat, bop! Well, let's go!

You can keep a-boppin', but the sun's about through
I'd like to rock some more with this jukebox too
Just a quarter or dime, a nickel will do
Bop rabbit action, the whole night through

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