Railroad Special - Don Cavalli

Railroad Special

Don Cavalli

(F. Cavalli, TAIL RECORDS)

You've heard them songs 'bout a railroad man
Got right on down the line
And you've heard the whistle blowin'
As they roll on down the line
They're about that railroad special
That was dashing on the track
To that little baby of mine
It was a-takin' me back

When I heard her voice a-singin'
As we're rollin' down the line
A pretty song 'bout railroad man
Got right on down the line
It was the driver of the train
A little engineer girl
With a cute little smiling face
And her hair in curls

That's when we fell in love
After rollin' down the line
And I forgot to get out
I went to the end of the line
Don't you wait for me my baby
Don't you wait for me no how
Well, I will be back no more
Now I got my engineer girl

Now if you see the railroad special
When it's a-rollin' down the line
And you hear the whistle blowin'
As it's rollin' down the line
That's me and my brand new baby
As we're ridin' through the towns
Just singin' railroad songs
Makin' love to the railroad sound
Makin' love to the railroad sound
Makin' love to the railroad sound

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