Rain Or Shine - Boppin

Rain Or Shine

Boppin' Pete & The Big Bang

(Pete Näsman - Johnny Flight, THE FOOL MUSIC, 2002)

It's a pouring rain outdoors
I laze in a bed for a while
Pondering about the earthworms
Have they umbrellas and hip boots
Oh heavens above what the worst
The flood - how they survive

Who hell revise the flood damage
Compensate ravages of rains
Can you house worms for the night
Shocked relatives need a psych up
Charity concert is a must
Big Bang is ready to play

Fifth part of the worms believe blindly
That the hard rains fall for their sin full life
Rest of worms don't care is it rain or shine
Until the weather is here fine

One and the same with heat wave
Today it's too cold to go out
Worms on earth never satisfied
Two is too much one too little
Must collect all and have a ball
Under a gimcrack charm

Nobody cares about the poor and humble
Things can't go on like this any longer
Alive they crucify worm onto hook
Trust in God says the holy book

Courtesy of Boppin' Pete

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