Raw Deal - Junior Thompson & The Meteors

Raw Deal

Junior Thompson & The Meteors

(Q. Claunch - W. Cantrell, METEOR 5028, 1956)

Well, I done had my last raw deal
Baby, I'm trough with you
For you done gone and broke my heart
Left me feelin' blue
Go on your way
'Cause startin' today, you and me are through

Raw, raw, raw-raw deal
Raw, raw, raw-raw deal
Raw, raw, raw-raw deal
Yeah, raw, raw, raw-raw deal
Raw-raw deal, I got a raw-raw deal from you

Well, you've been flyin' way to high
But you're headed for the ground
Well, you been a-forcin' me much too long
Now, I'm changin' that around
Well, it ain't no joke
But to see you smoke
Lordy, I'm becomin' unwound


Well, I've heard it said and I know it's true
Every dog will have a day
So try along like a good little dog
'Cause it's time I had my say
Well, stop your talkin' and begin your walkin'
We'll start a brand new day


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