Rebound - Charlie Rich


Charlie Rich

(Bill Justis - Charlie Rich, Phillips International 3542, 1959)

Look out baby I'm after you
You done something to me that you ought not do
Played me up and now you've made me blue
And I'm lonely
Well, I guess I'm on the rebound
That's what people say
I lost the only one I found
Who can make me feel this way
Yeah, and I'm lonely over you
Well, look out baby, better change your ways
You done something to me that's drivin' me crazy
Catch up with you one of these days
'Cause I'm lonely
Yeah, I guess I'm on the rebound
Guess I've lost my touch
You're the only one for me
And I love you much too much
And I'm lonely over you
You oughta be ashamed of yourself
Treatin' me this way
Didn't know what it was all about
But I'm gonna find out someday
Yeah, you better look out baby
Gonna make you mad
You're gonna miss me and the things you had
Hate to say it, but I'll be so glad
When you're lonely
Yeah, then you'll be on the rebound
I'm waiting for the day
You'll lose the only one you found
Who could make you feel this way
Yeah, you'll be lonely
You'll be lonely
You'll be lonely, just like me
Just like me
Just like me

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