Rock 'n' Roll Party Man

Black Knights

(T. Gahn, Enviken Records)

Well, it's a Friday night at the liquor store
I'm getting me a bottle of booze
Well, I mix my drink in the kitchen sink
With just a dash of orange juice
Well, I sing and shout, knock myself right out
To rock 'n' rollin' or rhythm and blues
Then I come to you singin' glory hallelujah
Like a [wiggle wailer] on the loose

Well, I'm a rock 'n' roll party-party man
And you'll find me on the big band stands
Well, I'm a rock 'n' roll party-party man
Stompin' feet and clappin' my hands
All my neighbours are complaining
And they're knockin' on the walls
They never heard about joy
Well, I'm rollin' in the kitchen
Rockin' in the halls
I'm a rock 'n' rollin' party boy

Every day it's a traditional act
I'm buying me a six-pack of beer
I'm rocking up a storm and the jukebox' goin' warm
And the music's all I wanna hear
Well, I am a-really cool, not a hip-hoppin' fool
Tough as a grizzly bear
'Cause I can cut ten onions into hundred slices
Baby, without crying a tear


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