Rock-a-billy - Guy Mitchell


Guy Mitchell

(Woody Harris / E.V. Deane, Columbia 40877, 1957)

Rockabilly, rockabilly, rockabilly, rock
Rockabilly, rockabilly, rock, rock, rock
Rockabilly, rockabilly, rockabilly, rock
Rockabilly, rockabilly, rock, rock

Some people think it came from Tennessee
Then spread on out to the lone prairie
It's the hillbilly rock, feeddlee dee
Turns me inside out
Gimme some


Hey, grab yourself a partner, lose the blues
Wear your store-bought clothes and your stompin' shoes
Better head for the hills, gonna blow my fuse
Hooo, I'm gonna shout
Gimme some


Since rockabilly swing the do-si-do
And the guitar man chase the old banjo
Leave the hoe for the crow, holler "Go, man, go!"
Wiggle like a trout
Gimme some


From the moment that you feel this crazy beat
Ya gotta lose control or you're two left feet
Give me mountain juice, turn me loose
Leave me wave my arms about
Gimme some


Ya know what rockabilly's all about
Ya know it's gonna make ya sing and shout
Ya know you're gonna act like a crazy fool
Who cares? It's cool !

Rockabilly, rockabilly, rock!, rock!

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