Rock-a-bye Rock - Buddy Holly

Rock-a-bye Rock

Buddy Holly

(Buddy Holly, Coral 93352)

Well rock-a-baby, rock-rock-rock
I just love the way you dance
Rock-a-baby, rock-rock-rock
Don't tell me that you can't
Rock-rock-rock, we're gonna rock a-the whole night long
Well you dance in here, you dance out there
You tidy your face and you comb your hair
Oh rock, well oh rock, oh rock
We're gonna rock, we're gonna rock the whole night long

Well you and I are goin' to the floor
And hold my hand real tight
I love you more and more, when you dance with all your might
Rock-rock-rock, we're gonna rock a-the whole night long
Well put on your shoes and hit the floor
I'm tellin' you again like I told you before
Oh rock, oh rock, oh rock, yes rock
Oh rock, let's rock, gonna rock a-the whole night long

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