Rockabilly Heaven - Rick Carson & The Decomposers

Rockabilly Heaven

Rick Carson & The Decomposers

(Richard Carson Morton, )

I dreamed I went to Heaven and stood before Saint Pete
He asked if I liked music with a Rockabilly beat
He asked if I could boogie, he asked if I could swing
I told him that I played guitar and he said "Then, come on in"

Up in Rockabilly Heaven, up there among the stars
Up in Rockabilly Heaven, where the angels play guitars
Rockabilly Heaven, up there above the clouds
Up in Rockabilly Heaven, he likes it fast and loud

Gene Vincent stood in center stage, that Rockabilly Rebel
His halo proved he must have won his big race with the Devil
Bill Haley rocked around the clock, that cat was really on it
He blew the roof right off the joint and flew off on his comet, up in

Richie Valens worked the crowd, they ate up every number
But they had to read the riot act, when he ripped into La Bamba
Buddy Holly strummed upon his sunburst Stratocaster
Until a voice said from above, "That song should be played faster"

Eddie Cochran earned his wings, but his fingers did the flying
To hear him stretch on that ol' Gretch would almost be wortn dying
The King was singing "That's All Right" and wearing blue suede shoes
He looked the way he did before, he got those G.I. Blues

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