Rockabilly Legacy - The Spunyboys

Rockabilly Legacy

The Spunyboys

(, "Rockabilly Legacy", 2013)

When I was a wild child, a little bit shy
A lotta chicks turned round as I went by
All the kids try to mess with me in school
They didn't know why I look so cool

All my friends were twice my age
They took me to the gigs in front of the stage
I learned a lot, then I couldn't get enough
The music and the clothes, I loved them both

Chorus :
They led me to the rockabilly legacy
And i'm gonna do the same in the big ol' family
The rock-a-rock-a-rock-a-billy legacy
Keep on surviving through the century

We all went out to the wild wild party
Put our cat clothes on and soon got dirty
Back on the floor, the gals were snatchin' my coat
Oh boys, that's what rock n' roll is all about


Verse 3


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