Rockin' All Night

Ritchie Valens

(Valenzuela, Del-Fi, uniss)

Well now, little baby
You got me goin' tonight
Well, little girlie
I will never let you go
Well, I say whoo-whoo-whoo, little mama
Well now, little girl
I won't let you go
Just leave you all alone
Well, so
Well now, little girlie
I'm gonna rock all night
Well, little baby
Just hold me so tight
Well, you gotta just hold me
We're rollin' all night
Well, little girl
Just hold me real tight

Well now, just kiss me
Well, kiss me all night
Well, little girl
Just hold me so tight
Just kiss kiss baby
Kiss me oh so fine
Well, your lips just taste
They just taste like wine
Well now, little girl
We're gonna rock all night
Well, I want you oh so fine
Ah baby, kiss your lips like wine
Well now, just stop
Move over little baby
Oh-oh little baby
Oh-oh baby

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