Rockin' At The Ace Cafe

The Sabrejets

(Martin Craig, BLUEPORT BLU-2, 1979)

Well, dig the sound, shakin' the ground
burnin' up the carriageway
Dig the sound of a big 650
Super Rocket BSA
Hot on the tail of a shiny black Bonneville
headin' for the Ace Cafe.

Jimmy comes ridin' the black Bonneville
got a jacket of studded leather
When Jimmy come walkin' in the Ace Cafe
you'd think there was a change in the weather
Got his eyes wide open for a fast lookin' girl
you can bet they'll be leavin' together.

Ridin', ridin', ridin' to the Ace Cafe
Ridin' ridin' ridin' to the Ace Cafe
On a black Bonneville and a Super Rocket BSA.

Ricky looks cool in a long red jacket
with a jet black velvet lapel
Got a bootlace tie, tight black jeans
and white beetle-crushers as well
Dancin' with Julie to the juke-box rhythm
of The King singin' Heartbreak Hotel.

Red head Julie, turned sixteen
decided she could live on her own
That's what she said to her father and mother
when she told 'em she was leavin' home
She said "No need to worry, I've saved up my money
if I need anymore I'll 'phone".

Red head Julie, turned sixteen today
She's dressed to kill, ready to be on her way
Lookin' for action, she found it at the Ace Cafe.

When Julie hit town, she wandered around
lookin' for a place to stay
Then a teenage rocker on a souped-up Tiger Cub
took her to the Ace Cafe
He thought he would score, but then Ricky hit the floor
and stole Julie's heart away.

Jet black Jimmy stuck his glass on the jukebox
threw his cigarette on the floor
Then he walked up to Rick, who was boppin' so slick
and pointed out the way to the door
Ricky turned 'round slow, said "Boy, you'd better blow,
I've flattened better cats than you before".

Call the cops on the double, there's trouble at the Ace Cafe
Hear the waiter grumble, there's a rumble at the Ace Cafe
Well, I can't deny it
there's a riot at the Ace Cafe.

Julie got wise, tears in her eyes
she was wishin' she was back at home
She shouted "Go on fightin' just as long as you like,
I'd be better off on my own"
Ricky and Jimmy stood starin' at each other
while Julie walked away alone.

She pulled a scarf on her head and ran out into the pourin' rain
Then she hitched a ride on a wagon and was gone again
bumpin' and rollin' back home on the Northbound lane.

And they kept on rockin', rockin', rockin' at the Ace Cafe
Rockin', rockin', rockin' at the Ace Cafe
Rockin', rockin' at the Ace Cafe.

Ridin', ridin', ridin to the Ace Cafe
Ridin' ridin', ridin' to the Ace Cafe
On a black Bonneville and a Super Rocket BSA.

Courtesy of Martin Craig

©1973 Martin Craig (Copyright Control)

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