Rockin' At The Ritz

Ray Campi

(Campi, ROLLIN' ROCK 038)

Well grab your cord, find your pick
We got a little job waitin' down on sixth
We're goin' rockin' at the Ritz
We're gonna rock for you
Doin' rockabilly-boogie and some Central-Texas-blues
Well you go first, do your thing
And I'll be waitin' with some extra strings
And when we're rockin' at the Ritz
We're gonna break a few
Slappin' that bass an' pickin' those guitars too

Well,  we sing a song for Bill, Johnny and Mac
And all them cowboys in the back
They be a-rockin' at the Ritz
Same as me and you
Rockin' at the Ritz and doin' some rollin' too
You can do your song in the key of D
But save that microphone for me
I'm gonna use it at the Ritz
Just as soon as you're through
I've been learnin' my songs and I'm gonna do one for you
You better pick a tune for ol' Carlyne
We'll sing some song for rockin' Jim
He wants to rock it at the Ritz, he wants to rock too
Gonna do his thing as soon as we are through

Well you can tear it up and let 'er go
But you better save somewhat for the pictureshow
They wanna show it at the Ritz
And we can see it too
Ol' Johnny Mac Brown and maybe even Lash LaRue
We better show everybody that we're all big stars
Or we'll be back a-workin' at the Diamond Bar
I'd rather work it at the Ritz
And you would too
We better make it at the Ritz or our rockin' days are through

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