Rockin' Dream

The Rockets

(Anastasios Savoulidis, ON STAGE OSR 010, 2005)

Well, it's a double whiskey, big cigarette
Livin' my way it's a kind of bet
Black leather jacket, my old blue jeans
I say, come along honey to see what I mean
Spend my life in a rockin' dream

Well, I'm waikin' in the streets of this dead end town
And I bury my thoughts deep into the ground
You won't find me work from 9 to 5
Well, it's to much fun being alive
Spend my life in a rockin' dream

On a mystery train, tryin' to bop the blues
I'm gonna race with the devil, got nothin' to lose
Train kept a-rollin', all night long
I'm goin' away, I'm losing my mind
In a rockin' dream, I lose my mind
In a rockin' dream
In a rockin' dream

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