Rockin' On The Moon

Deacon & The Rock 'n' Rollers

(Deacon Gilliland, NAU-VOO 804, 1959)

Well, do you think there's life on the moon
Well, I'm sure we're gonna find it very soon
'Cause we're gonna take a trip upon a rocketship
And I bet there's life on the moon
Well, I bet they're doing the bop at some record hop
Foolish dreams can't be started as they stop

Well, I bet they'll hold their heads up high
Until they hear that dancing cry
When they gets the urge to dance
When they're set on out on a romance
When the moonlit's out in the sky
And the sun left out of sight
I still wonder if there's life on the moon

Oh, ones on earth, just won't believe it
Oh, they don't know just what I know
When you park at night out in the moonlight
You'll see dances by the store
Well, need I tell you more
That they're all rockin'
Well, they're rockin' on the moon

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