Rockinitis - Billy Boy Arnold


Billy Boy Arnold

(Carter - Calvin - Smith - Twiggs, VEE JAY 260, 1957)

Well, I wanna go to heaven, but I been told
The rockinitis has got my soul
Been rockin' and rollin' till the break of dawn
Wonderin' if my baby's still at home
Well, I try to make it in before the sun
But the rockinitis won't let me run
Oh baby-baby, give me one more chance
When I heard that beat, I just had to dance
Oh baby-baby, when I heard that beat
The rockinitis just moved my feet

Well, I went to the doctor, to see what was wrong
He said, son you been rockin' much too long
Oh doctor-doctor, tell me what to do
He said, if you don't stop rockin' son, you are thru
Doctor-doctor, what's the matter with me
The rockinitis won't let me be
Well, I tried to stop rockin', but I been told
The rockinitis has got my soul

Also recorded by Ronnie Dawson, Crystal Clear Sound 1989

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