Runaway From Duties - Rockin

Runaway From Duties

Rockin' Henri

(Henri Smeets, TCY RECORDS, TCY-008)

He tried and tried to run away
Trying to hide and trying to say
Have mercy with me and started to pray
But it was a high price he had to pay

He got to his job as usual
Leaving home his wife and child
He knew that people could be cruel
But never expected them so wild
It was on a bright summer day
When a young man came into the store
And put a gun to his face
He pushed him rudely to the floor

The young man wanted money, just money
It had to go fast, he had no time
With his mask he looked so funny
But behind it, was a face of crime
He didn't care about his victim's life
Just try to get out of there
Fired a shot in the victim's eye
Leaving the store/shop to dissapear

The young man took an old car
Drove away in a reckless style
He tried to get very far
Away from everything for a while
Policemen started for a chase
To get that man, dead or alive
Justice had to take place
The victim had left behind child and wife

The policemen got this 'son of a bitch'
He admitted he had done the crime
He lost all the money and didn't get rich
Went into jail with plenty of time
To think about what he has done
Later on he was brought into court
The judge told him that he had run
Into a life thrown overboard

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