Settin' The Woods On Fire

Hank Williams

(Hank Williams, M-G-M 11318, 1952)

Comb your hair and paint and powder
You act proud and I'll act prouder
You sing loud and I'll sing louder
Tonight we're settin' the woods on fire

You're my gal and I'm your fellow
You will be dressed up of on yellow
I'll look swell but you'll look sweller
Settin' the woods on fire

We'll take in all the honky-tonks
Tonight we're havin' fun
We'll show the folks a brand new dance...
That never has been done

I don't care who thinks we're silly
You'll be duffy and I'll be dilly
We'll order up two bowls of chile
Settin' the woods on fire

I'll gas up my hot-rod stoker
We'll get hotter than a poker
You'll be broke, but I'll be broker
Tonight we're settin' the woods on fire

We'll sit close to one another
Up one street and down the other
We will have a time, old brother,
Settin' the woods on fire

We'll put aside a little time
To fix a flat or two
My tires and tubes are doin' fine...
But the air is showin' thru'

You'll clap hands and I'll start howlin'
We will all the jaws allowin'
Tomorrow, I'll be right back ploughin'
Settin' the woods on fire

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