Shauna - Big Bad Shakin


Big Bad Shakin'

(S. Heinze - Big Bad Shakin', RAUCOUS RAUCD150, 2004)

You sure have heard about this girl
She smiles from the hoardings in the whole wide world
Her name's Shauna
Her name's Shauna
She's the queen of the queens, holy ceasar of Mulholland Drive

You' ll never meet her in a burger place
Fried, red lobster puts a smile on her face
That's Shauna...

Your mighty, big love's just one call away
her mobile rings hot all over L.A.
That's Shauna...

Her dress is expensive, but her business cheap
A house in the hills is where movie stars meet
That's Shauna...

Courtesy of Sören Heinze

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