She Wiggled And Giggled - Onie Wheeler

She Wiggled And Giggled

Onie Wheeler

(Wheeler - Lee, COLUMBIA 4-21371, 1955)

Well, I got a gal, the same as you
But she's a little bit different, about a thing or two
Everytime I kiss her upon the face
She wiggles and giggles all over the place

I sit in the back of her at school
'Course pullin' the hair is against the rule
I pricked a lock for my souvenir case
And she wiggled and giggled all over the place

She's ticklish here and she's ticklish there
She's ticklish almost everywhere
Sometime we both get red in the face
When she wiggles and giggles all over the place

I got a hot rod car that shimmers and shakes
And wiggles around like a rattlesnake
But that hot rod ain't even in the race
When my gal wiggles all over the place

Now some girls wiggle in the end of the ball
And the clowns they giggle in the carnival
My gal can do both with a fiddle and a bass
When she wiggles and giggles all over the place

I'd like to marry her some day
And raise a great big family
And get a hundred acre farm where there's lots of space
And they can wiggle and giggle all over the place

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