She's A Going Jessie

Andy Starr

(W.D. Patty , MGM K12315, 1956)

I believe in girls one-hundred percent!
I've got a gal, she wears blue jeans
The boppin'est gal you've ever seen
She's a-goin' Jessie
She's a sweet as sugar toast
Well, a-goin' Jessie
Well, to say the least she's the most
She's a little bit shy, a little bit soft
A little bit slow on the take off
But she's a-goin' Jessie
When she gets started to roll
Well, a-goin' Jessie
And the goin' never gets slow
Yes rock, come on and rock
Yes rock, come on and rock
Yeah rock!

She can rock all night
Go to school the next day
Come home carryin' a straight A
'Cause she's a-goin' Jessie
She's ahead to the redwood chase
She's a-goin' Jessie
She's a winner in the human race
Yes, go cats go
Yeah! Ooh!

She went to sleep one night
To a rock 'n' roll beat
Woke up next morning
She was still on her feet
'Cause she's a-goin' Jessie
She can rock 'n' roll all night long
She's a-goin' Jessie
And she's goin' strong!

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