She's Poison

The Duvals

( Glaze - Schreiber - Cahill, Sophisti-Cat Records, 1996)

Let me tell you 'bout a girl with a ponytail
She spent three months in the county jail
Running shine in a stolen car
Nobody thought she would get that far

She's poison, you know she's bad news
She was born to cruise
She's the only one who's gonna rock away my blues

Well I met her in a jukejoint late one night
She was rarin' to go, she was ready to fight
When I stepped in, my heart skipped a beat
She stood right up, knocked me off my feet

I been chasin' her down about a week or two
My poor heart's still black and blue
She stole my car, I was way too late
You know that I'll track her in another state

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