Silly Dilly Millie - Ray Sharpe

Silly Dilly Millie

Ray Sharpe

(R. Sharpe, JAMIE, Unreleased 1959)

I got a real cute girl and Millie is her name
At times she's alright, then again I believe she ain't
She can do any dance from the hop to the stroll
She's my sad sad maiden, everybody knows
Silly Dilly, oh Millie, that's her name

Well I took her to a farmdance just the other night
Everybody came dressed and we were looking alright
Well, in walked Millie looking awful strange
She had on a purple sack, it was a genuine thing
Silly Dilly, oh Millie, that's her name

Silly Dilly, that's my baby
Silly Dilly, I don't mean maybe
I love that girl, gonna be my spouse
I'll soon be in the cuckoo house

Everybody wonders why I love her so
Well, to tell you the truth I really don't know
I'm gonna love that girl for the rest of my life
And someday soon she'll be my lovin' wife
Silly Dilly, oh Millie, that's her name

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