Black Slacks - The Sparkletones

Black Slacks

The Sparkletones

(Joe Bennett -  Jimmy Denton, ABC 9837, 1957)

When I go places
I just don't care
You'd know why if you'd see what I wear
Black slacks pegged fourteen
Black slacks, really are keen
Black slacks, play it cool daddy-o
When I put them on I'm a-rarin' to go
The girls all look when I go by
It's what I wear that makes them sigh
Black slacks, I wear a red bow-tie
Black slacks, they say "Me, Oh my!"
Black slacks, with a cat-chain down to my knees
I ain't nothin' but a real cool breeze

Man you ought to see me with my derby on
I know that you would say, "He's gone!"
Black slacks, mostly in the head
Black slacks, well that's what I said
Black slacks, I'm the cat's pajamas
Gonna run around with crazy little mamas

Chorus: B-B-B-B-Black slacks (Repeat 5 times)

Black slacks, play it cool daddy-o
When I put 'em on I'm a-rarin' to go

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