Spookmaster - The Ghastly Ones


The Ghastly Ones

(, ZOMBIE-A-GO-GO, 1998)

Mister Ghastly, can you tell us a scary story?
(Door squeaking)
Sure kid, what do you want to hear?
Something spooky!

Well, who's that cat with the crooked smile
Long sideburns and a spooky style
A silver cain and an old top hat
A hooded cowl and he does like that
When you say his name, you'll shake with fright
I tell you man, he is out of sight
He's real gone, he's real mean
A creepy graveyard is his scene
With the two black cats and an evil eye
I tell you man, he's a real gone guy
He won't stop if you call it quits
On the floor you'll lie in bits

Let me tell you about the spookmaster
He's one real scary guy
And if you don't believe it
He will show you why
So, spookmaster (whoa-ha-ha-ha)
(Spooky sounds)

Now you know, don't mess with him
Watch your back when the lights are dim
He likes to creep, he likes to crawl
He likes to hide in your bedroom wall
Hear my warning, save your skin
Only ghouls mess around with him
Go spookmaster! (hi-hi-hi-hi)
Go spookmaster! (whoa-ha-ha-ha)
Go spookmaster! (hi-hi-hi-hi)
Go spookmaster! (whoa-ha-ha-ha)
Go spookmaster, go spookmaster, go!
(Spooky sounds)

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