Start All Over - Lee Emerson

Start All Over

Lee Emerson

(L. Emerson, COLUMBIA 4-40985-C, 1957)

Well, I hope that I don't never
Lay eyes on you again
My best advice to you
Go back where you began
And start all over
And next time try being true
'cause you will always be the winner
Someday you're gonna lose

I remeber when I met her
My heart had this to say
You're headin' into trouble
You better go the other way
And start all over
Wish I had listened then
I wouldn't be here cryin'
And in the shape i'm in

I pity the next feller
That latches on to you
I'd like to be there and warn him
I'd tell him what to do
Buddy start all over
You're in for a big surprise
She's got a heart like a river
And it's as cold as ice

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