Stop Whistlin

Stop Whistlin' Wolf

Maddox Brothers & Rose

(Twoney - Wise - Thomas, Columbia 41020, 1957)

I walked down the street in my dress of baby-blue
I looked straight ahead like a good girl ought to do
All at once I heard this crazy sound
Here's what I said when I coldly turned around

Stop whistlin' wolf, I ain't a red riding hood
Stop whistlin' wolf, it ain't gonna do you no good
I'm headin' down the street to my grandma's flat
I never gonna fall for a line like that
Stop whistlin' wolf, I ain't a red riding hood

He walked by my side and he tried to take my arm
I said go away, but I saw he meant no harm
When I smiled he made that sound again
I told him off, but my voice was weaker then

He looked kinda cute, he had a smooth acne
So what should I do , after all a girl is weak
How I whistled when he stole a kiss
Who would have thoughtThat I'd end up sayin' this

Stop whistlin' wolf, 'cause you found a red riding hood
Stop whistlin' wolf, 'cause I'm gonna be your baby for good
We're headin' down the street to grandma's flat
She's gonna put out the welcome mat
Stop whistlin' wolf, I'll be your red riding hood

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