Story Of Rockers - Gene Vincent

Story Of Rockers

Gene Vincent

(Jim Pewter, SPARK SRL1091, 1973)

It started out with Haley's Comets
A-rockin' round the clock
Well, then along came Presley
With some hillbilly rock, now
Mix it in with Carl Perkins
Chuck Berry when he's workin'
And Little Richard out of Macon
Inspired Jerry Lee to shakin'
Slow down the tempo with the Fat Man
Bring back the rhythm with Bo's band
Don and Phil and Eddie Cochran
And Buddy Holly kept a-rockin'

And that's the story of the rockers
Yeah, who kept us dancin'
Everybody was movin'
And it looked [felt] so fine
Yeah, you could feel the emotion
As you looked around
Sock it to me rockers
Roll it down the line

Jump back down to to Philly
For a daily Bandstand Rock
At The Hop with Danny's Juniors
The Stroll was very hot now
Rydell, Cannon and Dion sang
While Eddy's Rebels twanged on
Soon the world a-started twistin'
With the Checker dance
The Four Seasons sang Sherry
While Barry Gordy shopped the Champs
Ike and Tina and a-Uncle Ray
Along with Shannon's Runaway


The West Coast started surfin'
With the Beach Boy band
Jan and Dean and the Surfaris
Spread the songs throughout the land
And soon the Beatles from a-Liverpool
Electrified, began to rule
Roll out the Stones with Satisfaction
Mix in a bit of blues reaction
Byrds and Spoonful got in motion
With a very good time notion *
Otis Redding and Revue
Young Rascals attitude


Chuck Willis, Lord Old Sam Cooke
Sock it to me, yeah,
Buddy Knox, Jimmy Bowen, Lloyd Price,
Hey don't touch that dial, I ain't through
I forgot somebody,
Bobby Darin, Larry Williams, The Blue Caps...
Here we go...


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