Talkin' About Me

Little Johnny Burton

(, )

The other night I was sittin' on my porch
I heard two womens talkin'
One sound just like my baby
And she was talkin' about me

Well, baby was talkin'
She was talkin' about me
I knew it was something funny
And I just can't accept
The way my baby do me
Nobody know
Like the other night
I heard her talkin' to ole Sue on the telephone
Ole Sue was tellin' my baby
How to do me wrong

Oh well, she told my baby
To get her clothes
Don't have to go further
Never wanted to though
She was talkin', she was talkin' about me
You know, peoples are always talkin' about me
Why don't they run their business and let mine be

Well, I told my baby
That I was no good
She wants to get another man
I know she could
They was talkin', they was talkin' about me

Well, I'll tell you what I'm gonna do
And do it quick
I'm gonna get my baby
And ride away
Keep on talkin'
She gonna leave some day
They was talkin', they was talkin' about me

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