Teddy Jive - Crazy Cavan & The Rhythm Rockers

Teddy Jive

Crazy Cavan & The Rhythm Rockers

(Grogan - Needs, Charly, 1976)

Put on my cushy tight blue pants
Showing on down to the local dance
Grab the gal standing by the door
Rock that gal all over the floor

Yeah, jive, jive, jive
Do the jive, jive, jive
Man you're alive, when you do-do the teddy jive

We all gonna dance to the crazy beat
Clap your hands and stomp your feet
Swing your gal from left to right
Keep on rockin' all night

Well you rock all day, rock all night
Teddy jivin' side by side
Swing your gal upside down
Keep on rocking 'round and 'round

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