Ain't Got A Thing

Sonny Burgess

(Burgess - Clement, Sun 263, 1957)

Well I got a car, ain't got no gas
I got a cheque, but it won't cash
I got a woman, ain't got no class
Well I got a guitar, ain't got no string
I got ten fingers, ain't got no ring
I got a woman, ain't got a thing
Well I got a door, ain't got no key
I got some drums, but ain't got no beat
I got a woman, she ain't so sweet

I got two feet, ain't got no shoes
I got a wagon, ain't got no mule
I got a woman, but she ain't true
Well I got a piano, ain't got no keys
Yes I got a cracker, ain't got no cheese
I got a woman, but she climbs trees
Well I got a woman, yeah I got a woman
Oh, I got a woman

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