That's My Story

Tom & Jerry

(Tom Graph - Jerry landis, BIG 618, 1958)

My story really begins a month ago
That's when I first saw you
You're eyes were aglow
And then I could see (and then I could see)
That you were for me

I go to sleep at night and dream of you
I wish I could hold you tight the whole night through
But when I'm away (my heart too just pray)
I can't tell you I love you (too-too-too-wah)

My friends all tell me that I'm not the same
Always moody and blue
But they don't understand that I'm not to blame
I'm so (I'm so) in love (in love) with you

Oh Lord above, please hear my prayer
Show me where she is and take me there
One moment alone (one moment alone)
And we'll know we're in love
Ooh-ooh-ooh, that's my story

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