Blue Ribbon Baby - Tommy Sands

Blue Ribbon Baby

Tommy Sands

(A. Dewar - D. Lampert, CAPITOL 4036, 1958)

Oh-wee, a-blue ribbon baby
Oh-wee, you take the first prize
Oh-wee, a-blue robbon baby
You're my baby with the baby-blue eyes

There's gonna be lots of good rockin' at the dance tonight
Tie a big blue ribbon in your hair
Not lettin' my baby get out of my sight
'Cause all the guys are gonna be there

There's gonna be Jimmy and Jerry and Jacky and Jill
I'm just gonna mention a few
Yeah, Peggy and Buddy and Suzy and Phil
But all the guys will be lookin' at you

I wanna keep my little baby with the baby-blue eyes
And the big blue ribbon in her hair
'Cause all along I knew that she was gonna win the first prize
Don't you think we're gonna make a happy pair

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